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Visitor centres

Our visitor centres  at the Cornwall energy recovery centre and the Bodmin materials recycling facility welcome guided tours and educational visits from schools, universities and local interest groups.

Temporary provision for Bodmin MRF redevelopment

Due to redevelopment works at the Bodmin material recycling facility, we are offering one-hour bookable virtual presentations and tours for both adults and children, hosted by our education and community officers. They will take you through the waste journey in Cornwall, looking at ways to reduce the rubbish we create in the first place, and thinking of ways to reuse items before they are recycled or thrown away.

We have videos showing how our waste facilities work and animations to support the learning around recycling and energy-from-waste. They are a great opportunity to tap into a free resource to support the learning about waste and our environment. For further information and to book a virtual tour, please get in touch.

Open days

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on at our Bodmin materials recycling facility or how waste is turned into energy at the Cornwall energy recovery centre, you are welcome to attend an open day. Come along to tour the facilities and discover what happens to your black bin bag waste or your kerbside recycling.

New open day dates will be available soon.

“The students always seem to particularly enjoy and relate to the waste management visit. It was great that we got to see the Cornwall energy recovery centre this year, so thanks for giving us the opportunity.”

– Dr John Rieuwerts, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science

Click here to book your visit.


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