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SUEZ recycling and recovery UK works in partnership with Cornwall Council and other local organisations to manage the household waste that’s generated daily across the county.

Managing Cornwall’s waste effectively and responsibly is critical, both for the community and the environment. That’s why we work to promote re-use and recycling, and convert the remaining waste into energy.

Our overall objective is to reduce the amount of waste that’s sent to landfill, since this both benefits the environment and reduces the associated cost to Cornwall’s tax-payers. We do this by helping to reduce waste in the first place and then by working to boost re-use, recycling and composting.

Any waste that’s left over after recycling is converted into energy at our new energy recovery centre in St Dennis, which generates enough electricity to power 21,000 thousand homes.

Before the energy recovery centre was built, we disposed of Cornwall’s non-recyclable waste at the Connon Bridge landfill, near Liskeard. Both landfill sites in Cornwall are now closed and all residual waste goes to the energy recovery centre.

To discover how we make the most of waste and learn how we promote re-use and recycling, groups are invited to book a trip to our visitor centres in Bodmin and St Dennis. Check our Education activities page for more information.

For information about your waste and recycling collections, please visit Cornwall Council’s website.

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