Energy recovery

The Cornwall energy recovery centre near St Dennis uses waste that is left after recycling as fuel to generate sustainable energy in the form of electricity. This means Cornwall Council avoids high landfill charges, and helps reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

The Cornwall energy recovery centre exports around 20 megawatts of electricity – enough for 21,000 homes. You can see the latest figures here.

The on-site recycling facility uses the ash produced by the process to make secondary aggregate products for road-building and construction, for example.

The facility includes a purpose-built visitor centre with interactive displays and activities that explain the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering value from waste.

We welcome visits from Cornwall school and youth groups aged seven and over – our activities will be particularly interesting for key stage 2 students. We can also arrange plant tours for local interest groups and universities. For more information, please visit our Education activities page.

homes that could be powered by 20 megawatts
240000 tonnes
waste handled at the facility each year

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