Please read all the guidance below before visiting your local household waste recycling centre:

  1. Do not visit if you have Covid-19 symptoms or if you should be self-isolating.
  2. Please follow all instructions given to you when you arrive and observe our site rules in relation to Covid controls.
  3. In order to minimise queues and to limit the amount of time you spend on site, please sort your waste, by type, before you get to the site.
  4. We anticipate that due to high demand we will continue to see some queuing at all of our sites and if the queues become too long, we may have to ask you to come back another time. Please stay in your vehicle while queuing to enter the site.
  5. We are encouraging all site users to continue abiding by 2m social distancing practices whilst on site, respecting site staff and other visitors alike.
  6. If you can, please dispose of your own waste without assistance. Staff are on site and able to provide help when requested – if you need assistance, please let our staff know upon arrival. Our staff will provide directions in order to maintain 2m social distancing in the process to ensure all are safe and protected.
  7. HWRCs are accepting all the different kinds of materials they normally take including items for re-use. Please check what materials your local HWRC accepts before you leave home and please remember HWRCs do not accept trade waste.
  8. Sites are also accepting chargeable waste as normal including hardcore/rubble, soil, tyres, plasterboard and asbestos. Card payments only.
  9. If you have a vehicle that requires a permit to access your HWRC, please have it ready to show the staff when you arrive at the site and they will punch your card once for each site visit.  If your vehicle requires a permit and it is not valid or you are unable to present it, you will not be allowed to use the HWRC. Please see our permit guidance.
  10. Trailers are allowed onto the sites providing the trailer complies with the vehicle permit scheme. Please check to make sure your trailer complies before you leave home.
  11. Please respect your HWRC staff. They are key workers doing a difficult job at a difficult time. We will not tolerate any abuse of our staff.

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