Sorting recycling and splitting black bag waste

A recent study showed that 58% of black bag waste entering Cornwall’s Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) could have been recycled.

Recycling statistics

We are asking all residents visiting HWRCs across Cornwall to separate recyclable materials from their black bag waste to improve Cornwall’s recycling rate and ensure that all materials are disposed of correctly.

We are asking all residents to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure to use the Council’s household recycling and rubbish collections wherever you can. Information on what can be recycled with the kerbside collection service can be found on the Cornwall Council website. You can also order recycling bags and boxes too.
  2. If you need to visit one of the Council’s HWRCs, check online to see which materials your local site accepts. Then pack your waste in your car in a logical order to help make your visit as quick and easy as possible.
  3. Find out what can be recycled at your local HWRC.
  4. If you are bringing general black bag waste to the HWRC, you may be asked to open your black bags and separate any recyclables that are left in them.

Assistance will be available on site, along with disposable gloves, sorting tables and hand sanitiser.

If you are unsure on what can be recycled, check out Cornwall Council’s recycling A-Z list.

Please help us to recycle more!

Good news – You can now recycle more items!

Additional items accepted at HWRCs now include …

Thank you for helping us to increase the recycling we do in Cornwall.

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