28th October 2020

Another step towards a plastic-free Falmouth

The team at Pool materials recycling facility were delighted to work with members of Plastic Free Falmouth to create a better and cleaner environment in Cornwall by raising funds to provide the first drinking water fountain located in Falmouth town centre.

James Cocks, Site Manager at Pool materials recycling facility, helped coordinate the project with Natalie Chard, Senior Community Liaison Manager for SUEZ. He was pleased to finally see the fountain installed and said: “Plastic pollution is an issue that affects the environment and all parts of society, it’s great to see a Cornish community working together to help keep our coast lines so beautiful.”

Kirstie Edwards from Plastic Free Falmouth said: “It is with real pleasure that we see this project completed for the people of Falmouth. We are incredibly grateful to SUEZ, for their belief in what we are trying to achieve, alongside all the work and ongoing support from Falmouth Town council to make these projects happen. I am over the moon.”

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