16th April 2019

Cornwall energy recovery centre turbine re-commissioning completed

The annual planned maintenance shutdown of the Cornwall energy recovery centre was completed in mid-March.

During this year’s planned shutdown, works also took place to get the facility’s turbine back online. The turbine had been out of service since its rotor suffered a fault. It was originally due to be re-commissioned last autumn but damage was identified to surrounding pipework and due to the high precision nature of the engineering, this needed to be replaced and realigned before the turbine could be brought back into service.

Once the facility was back in operation processing Cornwall’s household waste, a team of specialist engineers from the turbine manufacturer re-commissioned the turbine; this involved carrying out a series of tests to ensure the turbine is working safely and efficiently.

This re-commissioning is now complete and the turbine is back online, generating and exporting energy to the national grid.

In the coming days, our operations team will be conducting their own tests on the turbine to confirm its return to service and, as a result, the turbine will continue to operate intermittently for a short period before returning to routine operation.

During the period that the turbine has not been generating electricity, the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust, whose payments are usually calculated based on the amount of electricity being exported, has continued to receive equivalent payments from Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited, and so has not lost out.

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