18th April 2023

New purpose-built recycling and waste facility given green light

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is pleased to announce the proposal for a new waste and recycling facility at Cornwall Business Park East, Hallenbeagle, has been unanimously approved by the strategic planning committee.

The site will be home to a new Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), Refuse Transfer Station (RTS) as well as vehicle parking for SUEZ business collection vehicles. It will act as a hub for waste and recycling from West, as well as some areas of central Cornwall and will replace SUEZ’s household operations in Wilson Way, Pool.

This new development is a necessary step forward in supporting the roll-out of Cornwall’s new household waste collection service to provide residents a weekly food waste collection service and fortnightly rubbish and recycling collection. This will increase the County’s recycling rate and further support Cornwall Council’s net zero carbon plans.

As part of the application, SUEZ will be providing biodiversity improvements at a local historic site, Wheel Peevor. Teams will work with Council ecology and historic officers to remove invasive species to encourage natural growth of Cornish heathland.

Chris Lynn, PFI General Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said: “We’re pleased with the outcome from the strategic planning committee and that all councillors understood the need for this facility to replace our current operations at Pool. The conversation during the committee and next steps solidifies our desire to work positively with our local stakeholders and communities while we deliver a necessary development for Cornwall’s recycling and waste service. We look forward to engaging with our communities as we go through this process”.

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