23rd May 2023

Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre – Operational update (May 2023)

The annual planned shutdown of the Cornwall energy recovery centre (CERC) has been taking place. The annual shutdown allows us to undertake scheduled maintenance and routine inspections across the facility.

As we reach the end of these works, we are preparing for Line one to be brought back into service over the next few days, with Line two restarting in early June.

When we re-start each of the lines, low pressure steam will be released through the roof vents during this process, which may be visible.

Once the facility is back to full operation and producing the required steam quality, the turbine will be restarted to allow electricity to be exported again.

When the turbine is restarted there is the potential for steam to be released. As such, people in the local area may see steam coming from the facility at intervals accompanied by low level noise as the steam is released.

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