21st August 2019

A lucky find!

Rita Scott from Liskeard couldn’t believe her luck when she received a phone call to let her know that SUEZ staff at the Higher Bryn wood shredding facility had found her uncle’s medals, which had been accidentally discarded by a family member during a house clearance.

The medals which included an MBE were left in the draw of an old cabinet which had been taken to Connon Bridge’s household waste recycling facility.

As soon as Rita realised what had happened she contacted the site but unfortunately the wood had already been transported to the wood processing site and now lay amongst 150 tonnes of wood.

Chris Miller, the site manager, along with colleagues Norman and Dominic Cullip spent the whole day sifting through the wood in the hope of finding the medals.

Chris said: “When Rita arrived on site she was extremely upset and explained what had happened, she asked if there was anything we could do to find the medals. We did not hold out much hope with 150 tonnes of wood which had been moved around to look through. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We all searched for a good few hours and when Dominic shouted through the radio to say he had found them. We were all so delighted.”

The medals were quickly returned to Rita. She said: “I felt like I had let my uncle down by misplacing them. I’m so delighted and thankful to the team that found them.”

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