7th September 2018

Cornwall energy recovery centre – operational update

Following the fault experienced with the facility’s turbine in late June, the repairs to the turbine’s rotor have been completed.

The facility will be shut down over the coming weekend (Sunday 09 September 2018 and Monday 10 September 2018) to allow the turbine to be safely reinstalled, and the facility’s two lines will be brought back into service next week. Once both lines are back in service, the turbine will be restarted and the facility will recommence generating electricity.

The re-start process involves gradually heating each line until it reaches the required temperature to process waste. During this controlled heating process, low pressure steam will be released from the facility until the steam reaches the correct pressure to pass through the air cooled condenser fans. Furthermore, when the turbine is restarted there is the potential that some high pressure steam may be released. As such, people in the local area may see steam coming from the facility at intervals accompanied by low level noise as the steam is released.

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