28th September 2018

Statement from SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

A spokesperson for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK said:

“We experienced a fault with the energy recovery centre’s steam turbine rotor in late June. As this is a specialist item of equipment, it was returned to the manufacturer’s workshop for repairs, which were carried out under warranty. The turbine was recently reinstalled and is undergoing final checks before returning to service.

“Over this period the facility has continued to process Cornwall’s residual waste, diverting it from landfill, but has been unable to generate electricity with the turbine out of service.

“Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited has committed to making a goodwill payment to the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust* for this period, to allow it to continue its support of local community projects and schemes.

“The goodwill payment from Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited to the Trust will be equivalent to the amount it would have received had the facility been generating energy, and in the region of £25,000.”



*The St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust was set up to benefit the communities living nearest to the energy recovery centre and receives funding from the sale of the electricity to the national grid in the form of quarterly payments by Cornwall Energy Recovery Limited.

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