13th December 2018

SUEZ helps support plastic reuse project

Ian Broad, site manager at SUEZ’s materials recycling facility in Bodmin was delighted to help with a plastic reuse project run by the CHAOS Group by supplying several bags of recycled bottles.

The project required over 700 plastic bottles which were reused to make individual plastic poppies, as part of a creative and innovative way to honour the centenary Remembrance Day. These were displayed at several locations in Truro and the CHOAS farm located near Roseland.

Kensa Carne, Sustainability Officer for the CHOAS Group said: “The main motivation around this project was that after the sacrifices made during the war, we felt that we have a responsibility to look after the planet and the people on it. As plastic has such a significant impact on the environment we felt it was a great way to raise awareness with our volunteers on topics around plastic, recycling and reusing materials at the same time as honouring Remembrance Day.”

Ian Broad said, “It was great to see the plastic bottles given a second life in such a creative way and we are delighted to support this local community project.”

The plastic poppies will now go on to be reused as Christmas decorations and repainted as spring flowers to decorate other events planned throughout the year.

Ian and Kensa

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