5th July 2018

Cornwall energy recovery centre – Operational update

Following investigation into an issue with our steam turbine on site, our contractors have identified a fault with the turbine’s rotor.

As this is a specialist piece of equipment, the turbine’s manufacturer has decided to return the rotor to its workshop for further investigation and repair. This process is underway and we anticipate it could take several months for the turbine to be repaired, returned and reinstalled at the energy recovery centre.

During this period, the facility continues to process Cornwall’s residual waste, diverting this from landfill. However, whilst the turbine is out of service the facility is unable to generate electricity, and the steam produced by the process is being diverted to the air cooled condenser fans, where it is turned back into water for reuse in the boiler. This has no impact on emissions from the facility and nearby residents should notice no difference to our operations.

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